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After collecting my passport from HA on Tuesday, I then made copies of everything, got them certified (at the police station – pretty sure those guys are starting to recognise me…) and took them to Postnet to send off via DHL.
They said 2 to 3 working days – so most likely there on Wednesday the next week.
They said sometimes the Germans like to open document packages and “query” them… which takes about 2 weeks extra.
I blanched. The lady said “but that’s VERY seldom!” when she saw my face.

So, that was done.

And, thankfully, it arrived on Wednesday afternoon.
I *heart* DHL. I tracked it ALL the way to courier and delivery. I even know which one of my husband’s fellows signed for it.
Thank you Diaz!

The man could do nothing, as it is (yet another) 4 day weekend for them, and he was driving all day Thursday.
So he will begin all the processes to enroll me, on Tuesday this week coming.

It was a weight off my mind when I got the mail to say the documents had arrived.
It’s all a waiting game, but at last this one thing is done. One more step closer to my man. One more check list item with a tick next to it.
Ball is in his court now, and hopefully all the help he was offered by work will actually come through.
This part CAN take months – I hope it doesn’t, if his bosses step up and help, it shouldn’t.
Then I start the German process.
Not sure I can do that without my originals. They do require copies of everything, but they need my original passport etc.
I guess I can fill in the forms so long.

And get my international drivers license? Will that work with a certified copy of my new passport?
They only need verification – they don’t put the license in my passport or anything.
I’ll research that a bit more.

Will also do what my friend K did (the Princess) for the green card interviews.
She got hers recently – nice and smooth.
She said she read everything about it and had everything ready.
I want to be ready too.
I want everything to go smoothly and easily.
I’m tired of hitches and issues.
And “you can’t do this if you don’t do this”

It’s mentally draining. Emotionally tiring.

SO anyway… everything has begun… or.. _will_ begin on Tuesday next week!
I’m excited.
But also wary – I don’t want to get my hopes up.

But the Universe is behind me, I know this.
Just have to be positive. And believe that it will all be ok.

At least I can hear out my right ear again – thanks to Megs for the Waxsol suggestion.
Waxsol! Waxoff!

But I think it’s now infected my throat. Cos it is SORE.

Life goes on

and I love my husband so much.

Can’t wait to be with him.


today is one month of “married life”
of course, as in all things, we are different.
we’ve only actually had 2 weeks “together” of “married life”
the last 2 weeks have been from a distance, as usual.

but i’m storing it all up inside… keeping it burning…

the distance is ticking away…

soon, my love…

Everyone gets the Monday blues. Well, everyone who works an office job, gets the Monday blues.

2 months and 21 days till I am no longer at this office job.  11 Mondays.  11 weekends.

I should add a count down widget or something. Just to help me get through without losing my marbles.



And in much sadder news – Another victim of this stupid war.

RIP Ethan H. 7 January 2011. IED. Too close to home.

Fuck you Taliban.


so here i am
i was happy
doing what i loved
living my little dream

but thanks to … various things not under my control…
my dreams are being flushed down the toilet.

going to have to whore myself out as an IT bunny again.
just to be able to pay my bills. of course it doesn't help me this month. only 2 clients have paid me.
out of 11 orders i've done.
can't pay any bills. NONE.
my cellphone bill barely scraped through.

i'm not going into anything new, with this debt hanging over my head.
i won't do that to the boy.
i will NOT be that girl. i refuse.

so, i'm sorry my Preciouss… you have to go. Bertha stays (obviously)… but my sweet Preciousss … if someone would just buy her of course.
yes. i get sentimental, even about inanimate objects.

selling my car (At some point) is going to hurt. real bad.
Broomhilda has been with me through thick and thin. really really thin.
she's run on fumes and bald tyres with no brakes and 3 cylinders.
and she still gives me her all.
no windscreen wipers (and yes, it's winter… don't even ask how i got home today… )

I know something good is coming (besides my beautiful TJ i mean… he is the best thing that has ever happened to me) and i know i just need to be patient…
but i'm not going to sit idle in that time….
idle hands …etc etc…
and an idle mind is even worse.

so if i have to don my Bunny Girl ears and shake my little fluffy tail a bit, to make ends meet… then so i shall.

it's time to take care of _me_.

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amazing how the sound of his voice, the way he says my name, can make everything ok again in an instant…

he's called me 3 times now…

he got home a little while ago (his mom was SO excited to see him, because he didn't tell them he was coming home, so it was a big surprise) and i feel better now, knowing he's safe 🙂

sounds silly, i know.

i had a hectic day – rode twice (thankfully didn't get more than a few sprinklings of rain, on both rides) and tried to get some work done…

i'm doing better… with the whole focusing thing.
of course, after he calls, it all goes out the window…
his voice just makes my heart flip and i get this stupid smile on my face… and i spend my time staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaring into space, daydreaming about him…

i really hope he has a good leave at home…
hope his family doesn't bug him too much 🙂
especially about me…

i know his mom said she was fine with it… but that was over the phone… now that he's home and .. on her "turf"…
well i'm sure he will let me know 🙂
he wants me to email her, soon…
and call too…

but i'm SO shy!
i'll just email her.. a little short note, to say hi and .. thanks for raising such an amazing person 🙂
that sounds so cheesy.

i just love him so damn much. he can get away with ANYTHING, if he just smiles at me, or just says my name, or calls me "baby girl"

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it's my Monday night. 20h00. minus 6 is 14h00. so almost the end of his Monday.
In theory, Tuesday is the last day of the selection process….
he said 2 weeks.

But you never know with the military.

I'm hoping no news is good news. Means he's still there, still in the thick of it. i know they "weed out" the non-prospects as they go along… so…

i really really REALLY hope he gets in.
it would be amazing for him.

Got my new camera on Thursday (Thanks to G) but didn't even put it together until Saturday.
It should have been exciting – but all i can think about is TJ.

I'm not as bad as i was at first…
but i still ache.
my heart is so sore.

but as TK said – the worse the bad things, the better the good things to come.
i just have to have faith, and hold on.

i just wonder if he's thought of me at all?
i mean, not while he's focused, not while he's trying to get noticed. i want him to focus.
but.. in any idle time… or when he sleeps… do i cross his mind at all?
i know it's not summer camp, it's the frikkin Special Forces – i don't expect me to be in thought bubbles that follow him around…
i just wonder…
i'm hoping a thought of me is something that keeps him going, keeps him motivated, keeps him trying harder.

i'm actually petrified of how i feel about him.
how deep this goes.

just keep breathing, girl.
just keep breathing.

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i did it

the email has been sent. the wish made known to the universe.

now i wait.

and try to sleep.

and let things happen as they must happen.

i feel a bit sick. a bit excited. a bit scared. strangely high.

remember to breathe

don't think too far ahead… but.. what if? what if.

don't go there.

wait and see.

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