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ok… the boy explained (as best he could) the situation regarding his various dates and things that are happening or could happen… so i’m a little more up to date…

he got leave approved from 2 June, for 2 weeks… so he's at least going home for a little bit. he needs to i think.

needs the peace.

still a big chance i won’t get to see him until he gets back from his deployment…

but I am taking it day by day… no point in getting knickers in a knot about something that is not in my hands

as long as i have him, in whatever form it takes, then i will be ok.

_obviously_ i want to be with him… but he’s worth the wait.

and i can wait.

he sent me flowers.

i’ve never been so touched in my life.

i’ve never ever gotten flowers (or anything) like that. delivered to my gate.

the driver laughed and said ” i can see that it was totally unexpected!” and i just nodded… mouth open… looking like a nana…

big grin after that…

they smell so lovely! and inca lilies! my favourite!

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