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“I’ll step down in September…” he says… and “I was not going to run for another term of office…” he says…
How come he didn’t announce that before?
Because it’s bullshit. Everybody knows it.

September ain’t soon enough, dude – get the hint from the PEOPLE… the MILLIONS of them out there on your doorstep.
The ones you are trying to burn alive and beat down and shoot…

oh snap!

(I did not take any of these images and copyright remains with the photographers)


now, the boy tells me he only has to be out by july 13th… that's when they come to ship his stuff off… least he's got all the difficult stuff done!

he had a good weekend – was having fun being the photographer for his friends and their band 🙂
…and they came upon a cheerleaders camp…
4 gorgeous soldiers… lots of young cheerleaders…
hmmm – it MUST have been fun!

he also bought me the most beautiful necklace… i was absolutely blown away… it's so stunning…
a black pearl, white gold, and a diamond…
just. WOW.

i am so lucky.

he will give it to me in person – but he couldn't wait to show it to me 🙂 he's so cute, when it comes to presents and stuff…

him leaving later means that his package will get there on time!! yay!!!
i'm glad about that!

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