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and then Home Affairs let me down.

i was so ready to be enthusiastic and positive – and not be one of THOSE people who do nothing but complain about DHA… but alas… i am now one of those people.

I applied for my new ID and Passport, together, on the 6th of January. Fingerprints done. Photos in. Paid for.

Yesterday (the 18th – coincidentally the 1 month anniversary of our marriage) I get a DHA text saying they “acknowledge receiving APPLICATION for ID” on the 18th.
2 weeks later and you have only SUBMITTED the ID document?
What about the passport?

SO I called the toll free DHA number – no help – no record of my passport being submitted. And yes… according to them, i only submitted my form yesterday for my ID.

i nearly cried. with frustration and anger.
EVERYTHING rides on getting that passport – ID i’m not really bothered about, as I will only use that for South African things – but no other processes can begin until I get that document.

i am gutted.
i feel… deflated like an empty foil packet from a box of wine.

i am SO let down by them… and i was totally their cheerleader before – telling everyone how GREAT and how EFFICIENT Wynberg Home Affairs was.

So tomorrow I am going there after work – hopefully it won’t be busy – and I am going to beg and cry and scream and throw my toys until SOMETHING gets done.
Going to take extra photos, just in case. But I’ll NOT be paying again. NO f**king way.

So. DHA, Wynberg – you have lost a very keen voice for your cause.
You won’t get it back unless you perform miracles tomorrow.


Passport – check

US visa – check (10 years!! wooooooo!!)

German visa – check
Tickets – check
Travel insurance – check
New (BIG) suitcase – check
Long nails – check
Everything else – check
Now to make a list of things to buy as gifts, and what to take.
i'm excited – but not at the "I want to vomit I'm so excited" point, just yet.
Oh! And the the Tiger is finished!
All done, and signed.
Just waiting on the healing to make sure the white ink has gone in nicely.
He also fixed my white pony up 🙂

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went to get my passport and visa this morning, from the consulate…
EVENTUALLY found parking… reasonably far away, but i'm fine with walking – and it was lovely rainy weather, so everyone was inside…

took me 5 minutes in all…

AND they gave me 10 extra days on my visa and a multi entry one too…
which is ROCKIN…

but poses some financial issues…
obviously i want to stay longer with the boy… OBVIOUSLY!

but it means extended my medical insurance (a good extra R500 at least)
changing my ticket return date (another R500, which means R1000 altogether, because i've already changed it once)
adding extra days to my hotel booking (another 300 EUR)

so basically i'd have nothing to spend… and that would suck mightily…

i spoke to the boy when i called him just now – he said he "doesn't care" what i do… which is fine, means it's not a problem…

so.. it all stays the same…
and i still leave september 22nd and fly back october 7th…

still hasn't sunk in though…
i'm sure it will soon…

the boy said "why do you have such a sexy voice on the phone?"
he likes to surprise me with comments like that…

i love it.


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Tuesday morning dawned… cold and clear… i hadn't slept a wink.
i downed half a litre of rescue remedy and went to get more stuff copied and some more statements…

then it was off to cape town… eventually found parking underground…
then up 19 floors to the German Consulate…

my heart was pounding so hard that my body was shaking in time…

but i downed some more rescue remedy… and sat quietly, waiting my turn, doing some A.T to calm my breathing and slow my heartbeat … it actually worked…

i got a LOVELY lady, who also informed me that if my grandfather was german, i should apply for a german passport next time 🙂
was so sweet of her… made me comfortable and calm straight away…
she took all my papers, asked what i did – i told her, and told her i specialised in equestrian photography…
i got a LITTLE worried at that point, because she rolled her chair back to talk to the lady at the booth next to her…
rapid fire german… but smiles… and the other lady came around to "see me" and she asked me all sorts of questions (do i ride? where? what shows did i shoot? etc etc) and i showed them some of my photographs, and she recognised Dawn Newman – that was so cool! such a small world, our horsey world…
they wanted my website, and the lady who rode said she was DEFINITELY going to check it out, because she rode in Tokai and she was into her dressage etc etc 🙂
and zip zap… "now you pay me money" and then i had a receipt and was told to come collect it on Thursday! (tomorrow)
I'm so happy. so excited. but it hasn't really sunk in yet… i don't think it will until i get on the plane. or maybe even when i get to germany… i really don't know.

i informed my mom. wrote her an email (cos she was at work) – but i've had no response.
and last night she was very cold and didn't speak to me much. but i don't know if that's because i didn't do the dishwasher thing, or because of the email, or because she had a rough day…
so i emailed again this morning, to see ask if she'd gotten my email before…. and still nothing.
i think that's also part of why i'm not feeling the excitement yet… i was really hoping she'd be happy for me.
the way things had come together for me in the end – despite her negativity.

oh well.

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