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On Saturday night i got to get all dressed up and go to a party with Dean and his wife and their friends – a crazy bunch, but SUCH NICE PEOPLE!

It was the Angels&Demons party at a club called DecaDance – all alternative and heavy stuff… music was AWESOME!!! It was like the Playground… but without the sticky floor and dark corners…
It's an old biscuit mill, with big soft chairs (from an abandoned movie theatre) and nice padded walls… dancefloor is a little small… which was _difficult_ with the wings i had on, to say the least!
I poked a number of people in the eye, and managed to get myself tangled with angel halos and various people's hair!

but my wings were definitely the hit of the evening (thanks sam! and thanks for the AMAZING makeup!) and i stood out from all the other demons (and, quite obviously, the angels)

I had a blast… it was so nice to get out – i haven't been to a club in … must be 10 years now… since the playground closed down, and Lloyds… it's been a _long_ time, to say the least…

thanks to Dean, for inviting me, and always checking on me, making sure i was ok (he knows i'm not good in crowds, or with too many people touching me… )

i got to drive his SUPER sexy car home (i stayed at their place for the night.. morning… since we got home at 6:30am!!) because i was sober (i had 4 jagercrackers – a MINI version of the bomb, especially for me – but spaced out over the entire evening.. so i was fine) and WOW what a CAR!!!!
(Alfa Romeo)

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