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and then Home Affairs let me down.

i was so ready to be enthusiastic and positive – and not be one of THOSE people who do nothing but complain about DHA… but alas… i am now one of those people.

I applied for my new ID and Passport, together, on the 6th of January. Fingerprints done. Photos in. Paid for.

Yesterday (the 18th – coincidentally the 1 month anniversary of our marriage) I get a DHA text saying they “acknowledge receiving APPLICATION for ID” on the 18th.
2 weeks later and you have only SUBMITTED the ID document?
What about the passport?

SO I called the toll free DHA number – no help – no record of my passport being submitted. And yes… according to them, i only submitted my form yesterday for my ID.

i nearly cried. with frustration and anger.
EVERYTHING rides on getting that passport – ID i’m not really bothered about, as I will only use that for South African things – but no other processes can begin until I get that document.

i am gutted.
i feel… deflated like an empty foil packet from a box of wine.

i am SO let down by them… and i was totally their cheerleader before – telling everyone how GREAT and how EFFICIENT Wynberg Home Affairs was.

So tomorrow I am going there after work – hopefully it won’t be busy – and I am going to beg and cry and scream and throw my toys until SOMETHING gets done.
Going to take extra photos, just in case. But I’ll NOT be paying again. NO f**king way.

So. DHA, Wynberg – you have lost a very keen voice for your cause.
You won’t get it back unless you perform miracles tomorrow.


now, the boy tells me he only has to be out by july 13th… that's when they come to ship his stuff off… least he's got all the difficult stuff done!

he had a good weekend – was having fun being the photographer for his friends and their band 🙂
…and they came upon a cheerleaders camp…
4 gorgeous soldiers… lots of young cheerleaders…
hmmm – it MUST have been fun!

he also bought me the most beautiful necklace… i was absolutely blown away… it's so stunning…
a black pearl, white gold, and a diamond…
just. WOW.

i am so lucky.

he will give it to me in person – but he couldn't wait to show it to me 🙂 he's so cute, when it comes to presents and stuff…

him leaving later means that his package will get there on time!! yay!!!
i'm glad about that!

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