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lost another beloved friend today
my beautiful Brutus
been looking after him since he was a pup

my cousin sent me a message saying he is going to heaven today

his seizures were still happening (although they never happened with me – glad i never had to see that) and he was losing control of his legs.

she said they made the decision to let him go now, instead of waiting until he was a drooling idiot.
he was far too noble for that.
too regal
too loved


Goodbye my darling cat

My furry little supermodel

my ditzy dear

heartbreaking decision


but so so so heartbreaking

all the trees in heaven will be waiting for you, and all the tuna you can eat

love you

loved you

will always

(today – Monday 3 January 2011 – around 3:15)

While he was not my dog, he might as well have been.
Dear loud and loving Barkley passed away yesterday (Sunday 21 March 2010).
He ate some kelp and it got stuck inside him. They operated, but he didn't make it.

I am devastated. That dog was like part of my family. A real furry friend.
Him and his son Bentley, gave me endless hours of fun and loyal love and friendship.

My heart goes out to Ceri and Simon. He was like a child to them. Beloved.

I will miss you, Barkley. My Big B.

Poor Little B. Lost your daddy.

Big BBarkleyBarkleyBentley and Barkley

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Goodbye my darling Molly.
My strange and beautiful dog.
8 January 2010.
Probably 16 years old.
And we still don't know all the breeds you had in you.
My wiry, happy, loyal, intelligent, crazy dog. Your "mad dogging" and "crazy legs" will always make me laugh.

And goodbye to my sleek, sweet, talkative Kayla.
My loud and opinionated, neurotic and suave, Siamese cross.
My little grey girl.
Softest fur in the world.
Big green eyes.
Nearly 15, so you had a good long run, my darling. But we wanted more time.
1 February 2010

I miss you both, so much.
I still cry.
I still see you out the corner of my eye.
Keep expecting to hear you howl with happy, when I come home, my Molly girl.
And Kayla – your spot outside in the sunshine, on the stair, is very bare without you.

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