Mubarak is not getting the hint…

Posted: February 2, 2011 in emotion, information, people
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“I’ll step down in September…” he says… and “I was not going to run for another term of office…” he says…
How come he didn’t announce that before?
Because it’s bullshit. Everybody knows it.

September ain’t soon enough, dude – get the hint from the PEOPLE… the MILLIONS of them out there on your doorstep.
The ones you are trying to burn alive and beat down and shoot…

oh snap!

(I did not take any of these images and copyright remains with the photographers)

  1. Mira says:

    Hello! I am new to your blog so I wanted to say hi. You guys are stationed in Africa? WOW! That’s awesome. Yes, the news from Egypt are not great, I hope the situation there gets better very soon. I’d like to say I love the photo below. The second one, the mans’s face. It is great!

    Your blog is very lovely, I am going to start following you right now!

  2. Hello Mira
    Thank you for following my blog and for the kind words about my photography.

    No, not stationed in Africa – I live here, and my husband is stationed in Germany. We are working on things to get me to join him in Germany.

  3. Oh if you mean the photos in this post – I did not take them (I did state that below the photos) I just included them as they fitted in with my post.

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