Ok so at some point in October, my amazing man decided that we needed to stop this long distance hogwash, and Be Together.

He asked me to marry him – it was a mutual decision after much discussion – not so much an “OH WOW!” proposal as an “I think it would be awesome, what do you think?” kind of thing. We both agreed – it would be sheer brilliance.

I said it would NOT be Official until he got there in December and got down on one knee and did the whole asking thing. I wanted that. It was actually my only condition in this whole thing. He agreed.

So unofficially we were engaged.

It was surreal.

And so I started planning things and getting quotes and looking for a dress.

This was going to be the most totally awesome laid back relaxed Saffy wedding we could possibly want/afford/organise in such a short time.

Luckily I had the help of my amazing friends, and my steady and full-of-ideas mother.  I wasn’t panicked – EVER. I wasn’t stressed – EVER. No seriously. The number of shop assistants and people who said “OMG! THIS Saturday?! Why are you so freakishly calm!?” led me to believe that I am some sort of wedding mutant. But I’m totally cool with that. Oh and the comments about my bizarrely skinny and long fingers added to that.

Only time I felt any anxiety of any sort, was the few steps I took down the stairs (I didn’t fall! Much to my future husbands pride) (to have my arm grabbed by my socially shy brother who went WAY out of his comfort zone, to give me away – his offer) and down the (very short) aisle (with the soothing sounds of Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds as my wedding anthem) towards my future husband. He looked calm. But that was a facade, as his voice gave a warble a few times when we spoke our vows. It was adorable. And it made me feel so much better. He always makes me feel better. About so many things. But I digress….

This moment of panic was brief – my heart pounded its way up my throat for a few moments and then slowed to a normal speed after that. My hands had also stopped shaking by the time I had to put the ring on his finger. Luckily the ceremony was short (and very sweet) and before we knew it we were signing the register. Slightly dazed looking.

It was done. I was Mrs V. Then the party started!

I’m still pretty much wafting on a cloud – of happiness and sheer disbelief. I’m a married woman.

I have a husband.

I’ve introduced him now to a few people and paused… strangely.. “And this is my … <breath>  husband.”

It’s both weird and wonderful.

I love it.

I love him. He loves me.

Now we can move FORWARD together. Looking in the same direction – but never losing what makes us each special – our individuality.

Now also comes the extraordinarily fun bit – lots of paperwork and red tape and changing names and changing details. (That was sarcasm, in case you missed it)

And the waiting.

Lots of waiting.

  1. Michelle says:

    Andy and TJ you two rock. Was such an awsome day to share with you both. Can only wish for you all the joy and love that you could ever hope for and more.

    There is something peaceful about the love you share.

    Oh and Ands, if you ever wonder, your man wanted to marry you loooooooooong before October, lol. I remember speaking to him before his trip here in June (was it June?) when he was looking at rings already.

    Forever is a long time to be together…but not nearly long enough to share all you will want to share. Make the most of every day 🙂

  2. RhiannonOset says:

    SPECTACULAR indeed … even I loved every minute of this wedding 🙂

  3. I am so absolutely happy for you A. Literally a fairytale come to life!

    Nothing will make up for my guilt at not having been there for you – but knowing how absolutely awesome your day was, and how happy you guys makes me feel so much better.

    When are you headed out into the world wide yonder? Before you do – and before *we* do too – I will take you out to lunch and try to make up for having missed the big day. There will probably be an amazon voucher in it for you too as a belated wedding gift. 😉

    • I was pretty bummed you couldn’t make it – but I am very sure it was something serious that prevented you, so I was worried about that for you!
      I hope everything is ok!

      Now the part of the fairy tale that isn’t told in the books or movies…
      The paperwork!

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