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My wee and feisty friend, Gonzo.

Little black and white Jack Russell cross with something.

You gave Cath a good long run. With her through thick and thin. You were her first child. And her most beloved.

And you were my first “dog sitting” attempt.

Luckily, you liked me, because I took you for 2 walks a day and paid as much attention to you as your mum did.

So you treated me well, and when Cath got some new family members, you put them in their place and taught them how to love me too.

I cannot even begin to explain how sad I am.

This is a deep, aching void that you create.

Not just in me, but most especially for Cath.

And it had to be her decision. Which could not have been easy.

RIP my charismatic little friend.

You will also be sorely missed.

Gonzo Deare – Saturday 11th September 2010.

Gonzo the Magnificent.


Posted: September 4, 2010 in writing
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As she lay there, blood oozing from various wounds, Lela considering herself lucky.
Yes, lucky. Another person, less resilient, would certainly not have made it this far.
How far was this, you might ask.
Well, let’s just say it was pretty far. Further than the others. 

She could hear the guards talking outside the door. No matter how much teaching Kydon did, Lela knew she would never fully understand their revolting language. Har-kef. It was like vomiting and coughing at the same time. With whole sentences. You didn’t really need to understand it too well to know what their laughter was about though. A malicious chuckle.

She made a mental note to rip their throats out, on her way passed them when she got out of here. 

Lela eased herself slowly onto her elbows. Mentally checking for injuries. Nothing broken too badly, as far as she could work out. She should be able to stand.
She spat some blood. Well this time at least all her teeth were still in her mouth.

A happy thought! 

It was very dark and she could smell something dead in the corner. She hoped it was just a rat. Not some left over bits of a person. That would bring her day down. Quite badly. It was going so well so far!
She giggled softly to herself. A small smile creeping to her lips.

She heard another voice outside the door and all the humour drained from her body. If someone had seen her, they would have seen the blood drain from her face and her jaw clench. Her eyes narrowed in fury.

She tried to concentrate on the words being spoken. Not good.
She had to think fast. Managing to sit up, slowly, she felt around on the floor for something to use as a weapon. Her fingers met stickiness. Small pieces of something hard. Something furry. Something wet. She tried the other side and felt more grime covered small bits and pieces, and then her fingers brushed against something long and cold and hard. Tracing along the object, her hands found a splintered, shattered end. The other end had a smooth, almost oval, shape to it.

A femur.
And she would be getting revenge for some poor soul who died in this cold, dark place.
Even better. 

Prepare to die, Agh-Fal. You miserable piece of offal.