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This time to Fantastic Horse.

Who was, fantastic.
Tastic, as I called him… and Fred, as others called him.
So full of vigour and life – full of nonsense too.
But a big heart, and so much intelligence behind those beautiful brown eyes.
What a great and tragic loss.
Colic for the second weekend in a row.
There was nothing more that they could do for him.
A very difficult decision. But I think it was the right one.
RIP. 14 May 2010.
Farewell, Fantastic Horse.

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But no less of one.
Goodbye to little Stormy.
Our fuzzy, crazy, happy little Shetland old man.
Nearly 40 and, right up until Friday, so full of life and beans you would never know that he was so old.
My heart is so sore, my little friend.
Such a big heart. Such character. Bigger on the inside that most full sized horses are on the outside.
His spirit was huge. His nobility just as clear and present.
There will never be another like you, little man.

(RIP Saturday 1 May 2010)

You will be sorely missed.
But you get to run wild with your best friend, Alchemy, once again.


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Goodbye to Lindenberg. My namesake.
If there was ever a god of horses, he would be it.
And now he's been taken back to heaven, because they need him there.
To say he will be missed, is an understatement of epic proportions.
His noble character, gentle nature and incredible talent were bottled up in a tiny explosive package.
There will be none like him.

His progeny (and i have the honour of knowing a few of them) will hold his characteristics and carry a part of him always.

Revel in your horse, if they have even a drop of Lindenberg's blood.


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