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I must have done something right, in a past life, to deserve this man, in this life.
Or, we are just destined to always be together.
Either way, I am one lucky woman.

3 weeks ago, I was going through hell. Work sucked. I was fighting the frustration and heartache that comes with trying to find a job overseas, learning a new language, and missing my man desperately.

He always knows. I try to hide it, but he always knows what I am really feeling.

So, my sneaky, wonderful man decided to do something about it. He started planning with my friends (this time, even more were involved than last time!) and he came up with a cunning little ploy to get me out to Moo's club on a Saturday night, to "take photos for the website and marketing."
I had been very badly ill (a bad infection in the sinus cavity above my left eye, that was threatening to perforate, which would have put me in hospital, apparently) and was just starting to recover. I was on 4 different kinds of medication and I was not totally with it. But I keep my promises, and I had promised Moo i would be there.
I also went to my best friends wedding, that afternoon, so it was a heavy day for me. I caught the bouquet. *wide eyes*

I was wafting on a happy medical cloud as I drove through to the club. I met Moo in the parking lot and we went inside. She said I had a tab and i must just wander around and take shots of everyone. She said that everyone who was coming had been told I was going to be there to take publicity photos, so they were willing to be photographed and I mustn't take no for an answer. It was difficult to take photos at night, in a dark club, with lots of goth people. Black on black, on black, with strobe lights. It was challenging. I got some nice ones though…
At about 9:30pm, I was upstairs at the top bar, taking some shots of Chloe's sister (it was her boyfriend's birthday, so there were lots of them at the club) and her boyfriend, when I heard the music stop, and Moo was talking over the PA system. I didn't really hear much until she said something about having a "special person here tonight" and that she was "sorry, as she had Andrea here under totally false pretences"… I was confused, and a little embarrassed that she had said my name amongst all these people… I wasn't that special!
And then she said my man's name, and that he missed me as much as I missed him, and he had sent a "care package" all the way from Germany, to try and make it better. She told me to look down at the main doors. So I peered over the balcony and saw someone walk in, wearing a rather special hat. It's unique, that hat. It's a big cow print hat with horns and a bell. It was the hat that my man had just bought for Moo (that's why she's called Moo…)  and had said he was going to post off to her.
Apparently, it was just quicker to WEAR THE HAT AND FLY DOWN!!!!
I stood for a moment, utterly still. My mouth was open I think. Chloe was at my side, and she said that I went rigid, and then I was shaking like a leaf.
I couldn't believe it was him. My beautiful man. Right there. In the flesh.
I was so shocked that Chloe had to give me a push.
I LEAPT down the stairs, camera in one hand, and JUMPED on him and wrapped my arms so tight around him that he could probably not breathe. But I didn't care.
He was there. Right there. Just when I needed him most. Like always.
Just when everything was getting overwhelming and I felt like I was sinking. There he was. My incredible man. His strong warm arms wrapped around me and his gorgeous voice in my ear. Saying "yes babygirl, I am here".
I think I cried. On his shoulder. I couldn't let him go. And they were playing one of our songs too. That was such a special touch.

So. Never again will I need to wonder how much he loves me. I will never doubt, complain or waiver.
He loves me. Through everything.
To go to so much trouble, just to make me happy. I cannot believe that someone loves me that much.
I wish I could express how much I love him. But all I can do is stand in awe of him, and do my best to always be there for him and be the best I can be for him. And hope he knows that I would die for him.
There is noone else in the world who could love him as much as I do.

We had an amazing week (even though I was working) and I got to sleep next to him at night and come home to him in the evenings. Make dinner, and lunch and go places with him again.
So happy I could rival the sun in the glow that came from me.
Then, the last night he was here, and was meant to fly on the Saturday – I was violently ill. It was horrific. I've not been that sick for many years. I wanted to just curl up and die. But he got me through it. Vomit and all.
And then we found out about the volcano in Iceland that errupted, and was spewing ash all the way down into Europe.
We drove through to the airport on Saturday, just in case. But once we got to the counter, the guy said "no flights are going into Europe." Everything was cancelled.
So we stood in line for nearly an hour, to rebook a flight for him. The soonest flight was a 10 days later, on Monday the 26th. He wasn't complaining and neither was I! Another week!
He did however have to do some calling, to explain to his boss etc, that he wouldn't be able to get back for another week! Luckily, there were a LOT of people from his work who were also stuck out of country, so it wasn't just him. 

So we had ANOTHER wonderful week – more working for me, but more nights with him and another weekend. It was great. We had dinners and went to the movies and walked on the beach and just enjoyed each others company some more.
And now, he's just got back to Germany, and we only have just over a month to wait until June!! He comes back and we get another MONTH together to go anywhere we want! I'll also have the time off, so no work annoyances to deal with.

I have the most amazing man in the universe, and he's all mine!

While I DO miss him, now, i know that we only have a few weeks to go and we get to do it all over again!
I'll get by with a smile on my face now. I can get through anything, thanks to the very special TLC of the most incredible man.

Yes I know i'm being mushy. But I don't care.
If what he did is not a declaration of love, I don't know what is.

And if some stupid person says "I don't know why you do it" – i'll just laugh, because i know that THIS is why i do it.
Because the time we are apart simply makes us grateful for the time we are together.
And they don't get to know that level of love.


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Thank goodness for boyfriend clothes. And the fact that i fit into his.
Early the next morning, we gathered our stuff (after another hot shower and a good breakfast downstairs) and i wore some of his clothes. We went back to the airport, to the lost baggage office.
I scanned the suitcases in the office and the ones outside in the security sections, but my ERS was nowhere.
I spoke to yet another person at the desk, and he said that Atlanta was having huge delays as an enormous storm was rolling in over this side of the country. I asked if they even knew where it was right now – it had not even been scanned in Atlanta.
I was, once again, furious. My ERS had made it all the way from the damn tip of AFRICA, through Frankfurt international, on to another plane, and all the way to Atlanta. And now it was lost in the domestic section. And they had NO IDEA where it was in the airport.
I got offered another breakfast voucher (woohoo.) and told that they could offer compensation up to a whopping $25 for my belongings. I asked if he was joking with me. He wasn't. Thankfully, the lady I had spoken to the previous evening arrived at that point and said that I just needed to keep any slips for clothing and gifts (she knew the whole story about my wedding gifts and clothes and Christmas presents being in that ERS) and I could (most likely) claim it back later.
I gave them all the details of where I would be for the next few days, and my eventual address in New Mexico. I had no cellphone number to give her, as my man's phone was from Germany, and we hadn't had a chance to buy a prepaid one in the States yet.
That wasn't high on our list of things to do. Well, it hadn't been until then.
We gave her the hotel number in Princeton and she promised to let us know as soon as it arrived. She said they would send it to the hotel, if it arrived during the next few days.
That was all we could do.

We then went to see about getting a car to hire, for the drive to Princeton. Luckily my man always takes his GPS with him! He's always prepared!
While hiring our car, the lady asked if we wanted 4X4 capability and we were going to say no, but then we were told that apparently that rather large storm that had closed Atlanta, was now heading this way and there would be snow for the next 3 days at least… so we hired a rather nice SUV with 4X4. It was rather snazzy, with satellite radio and i think it had seat warmers. But we didn't use them, as we were NOT cold (as i mentioned – when i'm around him, i generate heat enough to warm a small country) even with all the snow coming, it was not cold yet.

We began our drive down to Princeton – getting a little turned around in all the loops and turnpikes, at first, but finally finding a way out of there! – enjoying each others company, good music, and the sights and sounds of New Jersey.
I'd, obviously, never been there. My man had been there once when he was very young and didn't remember too much.
I can't say it's the prettiest place. In fact, it's a bit grey and ugly. Lots of factories and steam towers and chimneys belching grey smoke. And so many cars. No wonder people complain about the traffic in Jersey.
Luckily, we had pretty smooth sailing all the way down to Princeton – perhaps we just timed it right, as we were told this trip should take over an hour, possibly two, but it only took us just on 45 minutes I think.
People in Jersey drive like maniacs. Road rules? What road rules? Speed limits? Hah! They are just guidelines, apparently.
Well, the taxis in South Africa still outdo any bad drivers anywhere else in the world that I've been.

We made it down to Princeton, to the Hyatt Regency. A gorgeous 5 star hotel. That is luxury. We got there late afternoon and let the reception know about the lost luggage etc. They did warn us that there were loads of flight cancellations out of Atlanta, and that the storm was following us down the way. But they promised to let us know if it arrived while we were there.
First order of business – get me some clothes. I couldn't wear my mans boxers and tshirts to a wedding… much as i loved being in his clothes!
We went down to the closest mall. I discoverd the wonder that is TJ Maxx. It's pretty much like PeP or Ackermans here in .za. It looked like the storm had already hit here – clothes littered everywhere, hangers and shoes all over the place. There must have been a 5 minute sale or something just before we arrived! It was messy and chaotic.
I scrounged up and down the lines of clothes, looking for something smart and sophisticated. i found a lot of fake fur and leopard print. and pleather. and feathers. and bright pink.
My man saw my face and suggested we look elsewhere – this was not the only place around! (he reads me so well sometimes) I was nearly in tears, actually. It was all catching up with me. I had had great clothes in my suitcase, and all those gifts. and here i was just trying to find something "nice" and i had to meet all his friends and Army people for the first time, and everyone would be dressed up and looking beautiful and i was the scraggly girl from Africa. I just didn't want to show my face and make a bad first impression, and embarrass my man by being the Dull of the Ball.
So we went next door to another store… i forget the name of it right now… *thinks*
Oh yes! Ross's!
They had some really good clothes, for very reasonable prices. I picked up some Liz Claireborn pants, and a shiny grey top. And my man bought me these GORGEOUS black stilleto knee high boots.
So that was it for the wedding.
And some knickers and socks, and I was set.


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