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Posted: September 6, 2009 in emotion, information, people
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so I got new ink… finally got my tiger tattoo that I've been wanting since I was about 16 years old…
it's beautiful.
it's a work of art.
it's not finished – but it's already a source of pride for me, and for my friend S, the tattooist.
his best work yet…
it took 7 hours in total, with breaks for tea and stretching and for lunch (thanks M!)
about 5 or 6 hours of tattoo time…

I am proud of myself – for sitting quietly and remembering to breathe…
I missed my man… desperately… but not because i was scared… because i was just so filled with endorphins, and felt good and wanted to share the moment with him…

Just got shading and the colour to go – beautiful vibrant oranges and yellows, and whites, for my tiger, and reds and dusky pinks for the blossoms.. the rest will be black and white and however S wants to do it – it's his artwork, just my skin 🙂

I even got a "ah, that's very nice" from my mother… *wide eyes*…

I am almost done "scabbing"… i heal really quickly.. so i'm hoping to start the colour and shading in the next week or so… i can't WAIT!

I'm already planning my NEXT tats! Now that I know i _can_ handle the pain, etc, without getting wobbly or silly… i have so many ideas, and a willing tattooist!

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  1. Ness says:

    Holy sheet Ands. I'm not a 'tat' person, but I do think that is a great one. Where and what are you planning for your next one?

  2. Thanks Ness 🙂 Coming from a "non-tat person" that's very kind :)Well when this one's done… I have a big interest in ancient languages and scripts… And Egyptology… Anubis especially… and I also want big beautiful flowers (Inca lilies – my fave – and Sunflowers and Tulips too) with lots of colour…I also like the Moon.. and the phases of it… umm… also want some more celtic stuff, and Japanese too… there's so much, that's my problem!

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