angel descends…

Posted: July 12, 2009 in emotion, love, memories, people, relationships
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romantic does not even cover it…

Thursday 25th June 2009.

My friend G says he's coming to visit me, while I'm house sitting – just popping in for a cup of tea, he says… says he's bringing a friend too…
None the wiser – I am half in my jammies (ready for another early wake up and off to work – at least the next day was Friday) and not expecting anything hinky.

I open the garage door and see my friend G… don't see anyone else in the car… so i'm greeting G and then i see someone else walk in, but it's dark and i can't really see this "friend" of G's…
so I look at him, and then look at G – waiting for him to introduce his friend…
i then look again at this "friend"… thinking "he looks familiar"…
and then he smiles…
and my knees give way and the world goes a little smushy and my heart stops and i can't breathe…
because there stands the man that i love.
my soldier.
my dark and sexy american boy.
when my legs decided to work again, i leapt on him and clung to him like a limpet.
he said that was the best moment ever.

he smelled so good.
felt so good.
sounded so good.

my friend said that he has never actually seen genuine shock in his life until that moment when he saw my eyes.
the boy and he said that my eyes went HUGE and my mouth was open and they could almost _hear_ my brain go "WTF!!!!!???????OMG!!!"

and yesterday i said goodbye to him.
drove him to the airport.
we sat in the terminal, enjoying our last moments of being happy together.
thinking of the fun things we'd done.
things we'd seen.

we had the most amazing time – it's so refreshing to see the place i live, through the eyes of someone else.
he relaxed utterly, didn't shave, let his hair grow. slept well. ate well.
we had awesome weather – Cape Town clearly approved, because she saved up the foul weather for the day he left – it's still raining (BUCKETING!)

we saw cheetahs, and eagles and penguins and beaches and mountains and forests and we walked everywhere and went into little shops and flew in a gyrocopter and drank wine made breakfasts and lunches and dinners and took hundreds of photos…

i'm hoping that this little R&R was what he needed to get him through the next 4 months till he gets "home' to germany.
i know it helped me.
except that now, all these memories are here on my turf…
driving in my car
going to the shops
the hardest part is sleeping…
sleeping without his warm arms around me
his legs all tangled up with mine…
or wrapping my arms around him and resting my head against his back…
the sound of his heartbeat
just having to "go back to normal" – that's what's the hard part now.
but we will persevere – and i think this makes us stronger – as cliche' as that sounds.

he told me some interesting things and we had some good talks…

this was the best surprise of my life and i am even more in love with my crazy, cunning, sweetheart than ever before.

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  1. vivdora says:

    How lovely and how romantic x

  2. He's a keeper, D – that's for sure. I love him utterly.

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