Some things to keep me occupied in the next few weeks/months…

1) Find Wacom and get cracking on the 99 Designs thing. Maybe make some money. (Thanks, Ness, for the link)
2) Renew passport (expires in Nov '09, but it takes a looooong time to get done these days) Home Affairs. That should be fun. I don't even know where it is these days…
3) Study AFAST and ASVAB. Seriously. Going to ace the AFAST (no pun intended). Will need to brush up on my maths and science. And learn American system of measurements etc. Blah. Silly Americans.
4) Get books from the garage – I have shelves, now I must put them to use, damnit. There's a photography book, my N+ and I want to find my LoTR.
5) Get a new tattoo or 3. Not the Big One – going to get that one with the Boy.
6) Write letters (maybe start up with LWT again… ) and send the Boy some more packages, when I know his new address for his new FOB.
7) Make money and Save.
8) Finish paying off debts.
9) Go to shows, but choose the ones I want. No more standing from 8am to 6pm anymore, sorry. Been there, done that. Earned my dues. I'm most grateful to all the people who have welcomed me back and told me that I have been missed. It means a lot.
10) Start running (find pouch for Zune and keys, for my arm – I can't stand running with things in my hands) and get control of my body again. Riding 2 horses, once a week, is just not cutting it. My abs have disappeared. I am sad about that. Very sad. Something must be done.
11) Archive the show backups on my brothers portable hdd. I've had it too long. The shows are old, they need to go onto DVD and get filed away.
12) Keep dreaming. I have so many things I want to do. I _can_ do them.

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  1. Ness says:

    Yes you can, keep dreaming. 99 Designs rocks. Haven't won anything yet, but learning loads. Yes, find and dust off the wacom – mine CHANGED My editing world (for photos) when I got it. Plus gave whole new GD world. Do tell more about AFAST and ASVAB, would love to know more.

  2. I'll never stop dreaming…Still have lots to do with my life. And I'm not old – I refuse to believe it's too late for things.Haven't gotten the wacom out yet… grrrr… haven't had a CHANCE to go through the things in the garage! Working _hard_.NOT enjoying the waking up at 0550 every morning. It sucks. I am SO not a morning person.Applied for some jobs… waiting on response, after a few interviews…AFAST – Army Aviation tests… i want to fly helicopters. Desperately.ASVAB – the general military entrance tests (to see where your speciality is – have to score VERY high to get into aviation)Not too sure where I will be in a years time… hoping it's in Germany with the boy, but we never hold our breath when it comes to making plans and the Army…

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