which is apparently not something Americans understand…
perhaps if i say crossing fingers?

well either way, that's what i am doing…

holding thumbs that my camera sells, soon…
holding thumbs that AP gets back to me, soon…
holding thumbs that clients pay me, soon…
it's just a couple, but it's a few hundred bucks, which is always a good thing, yeah?

happily i got to talk to the boy this evening – while watching Over The Hedge, the Hammy moment ('it never eeeeeeeeeeends…. *zooooooooooooooom*… it never ends that way tooooooooooo….") so i was smiling already.. and then i saw him online 🙂

he misses me… YAY! glad to hear that, because i miss him too…
some days more than others – depending on how busy i am.. if my mind gets time to dwell on it or not…
he's safe where he is.. well as relatively safe as he can be, anyway
probably safer than i am! hah!
it sounds like he has it pretty good there, though – which is super cool.
his own room, internet access, some responsibility to keep him busy, cool toys too
i can't wait for photos!

i've been working out too much – the muscles around my belly are getting a little _too_ large for my liking… it's muscle, but because i'm already "well-covered'.. it tends to look like fat, under tshirts, etc, because it bulges out!
so i'm going to take it a little easy on the crunches and heel taps for a while… just concentrate on the skipping and the running (hah! that sounds so funny!) and also going to swim when i start house sitting for susan, in their lovely big warm pool.. can't wait, actually…
last time i stayed there over the summer, i swam every evening and i got pretty tanned and toned – was very cool. and you don't even FEEL it (at first anyway!) which is even better.

braved the crazy, dodgy areas of cape town today, to go renew my drivers license – took far less time than i thought it would, thankfully… altogether, i was gone for about an hour and a half, including driving time. which isn't bad at all.

had another dream about cutting my hair the other night (when i eventually fell asleep… really been struggling recently) and i'm wondering what it means…
i'm not talking pretty hairstyled kinda cut… i'm talking hacked off with a pair of scissors, all crazy. and the first time i dreamt it, i also then shaved my head after that… but not the second time i dreamt it… strangely enough.

anyone have any ideas on what it means?
i guess i should google.
google will know.
google is king.
or queen.
depending on your outlook on life.

need to get to the mall tomorrow, to buy something important.
really REALLY hope my camera sells soon.

hold thumbs people, please.

night night.

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