Apparently, I’m “Yummy”

Posted: November 6, 2008 in emotion, people
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Hallowe'en night was pretty chilled – the only token item I had to show my We'enness was my pair of red horns…
So these I wore. It was a very hot day and a long, warm summer afternoon and evening… so I was dressed accordingly in boardshorts and a little top…
well… i got a rather interesting (and, i have to admit, rather naughtily pleasant) reaction from the dads who accompanied their little kids on the trick and treating…
they stood for a strangely long moment, looking at me, as i opened the gates with my bowl of goodies, and then the one dad told his kids to say thank you (which they did, in chorus) and then another dad said "yes.. thank YOU very much" and other comments followed from the other dads, in a similar vein…
i got stared at for a few moments longer and then they hustled off after their kids who were already moving on to the next house…
last comment i heard was "she had yummy treats…"

i only had chocolate biscuits and things like that. no sweets or anything…but TimTams are yummy, for sure!

Been house sitting and playing "nanny" to two teenagers (13 and 16) for the last week…
It's been… different. Interesting.
They depend on me, but not in a horrible needy way… just as driver and maker of dinner and please-can-you-plait-my-hair and help with choosing a leotard for dancing and going shopping for a survival trip and you-can-watch-the-F1-with-me-if-you-want-but-you-don't-have-to
the boy (the 16 year old) is one cool little dude. i have to say he reminds me a lot of my man (not in that way, i SWEAR! i'm not THAT perverted!)… also very sarcastic and cynical (to a lesser degree of course… but it's definitely blooming… and i definitely encouraged it! we had a "sarcastic war" in the car on the way to the shops… it was fun – defending myself verbally against a 16 year old… thankfully i kept up!) and he is cute now, but will be a hotty in a year or so, that's for sure… he already has girls swooning over him (although he probably doesn't notice them "circling" the car, while we wait for his sister at the all girls convent school). i tried to not smirk as a young girl "accidentally" let her towel drop while walking by the car (she'd been swimming) and pretended i didn't see… while watching the boy in the rearview mirror… he was totally unaware… i rolled my eyes..
the girl is _gorgeous_ .. a delicate beauty – does ballet and swimming (synchronised) and she's very 13. very.
boys. friends. clothes. music. boys…. in that order… but she's very sweet… i'm not quite what she's used to, so it's taken us some time to kind of click… but we are doing ok.

The dogs are lovely – Lucky, a little maltese cross, is a stubborn little mutt, but FULL of character…  and Jessie (i call her JESSICA in moments of frustration… of which there are many) is a HUGE Airedale (black).. she has the biggest mouth i've ever seen on a dog, but the BIGGEST heart too.. an absolute softy, not a mean bone in her body… and it's a BIG body…
Tito and Sparkles are the cats – both very talkative, now that they know me and they know that i will indeed give them tuna. very loving (Tito follows me around and plonks himself down nearby when I am at the house) and VERY clever… far too clever (they get into EVERYTHING unless it's tied down and hidden away)

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