reading someone else’s love story…

Posted: October 16, 2008 in emotion, love, people, relationships, writing
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i never get tired of telling people about how the boy and i met… how something so random turned into something so strong… and all the bits in between…

however, it's sometimes really cathartic (especially when missing said boy more than words can express right now) to read about someone ELSE who fell in love, in a remarkable and totally out of the blue way.
to hear about how it unfolded.. moment by moment… kiss by kiss…
it brings a strange peace to my currently tumultuous heart…
a small solace…

i really do miss his lips.. that little cupid bow mouth… so warm… so soft… if he'd let me, i could have spent hours just kissing him… and maybe one day soon i will get that chance…
a lazy sunday afternoon perhaps… or a rainy tuesday night…

one day, i will have the wherewithall to focus enough to write something down about our little love letter story…
right now, i'm not ready.

remind me again when things get more settled, more sure, more stable…

when i'm not flat out panicked about how the hell i will pay my bills this month, or how i'm going to get through things in the future… things i can't even talk about right now….

chin up, you stupid girl… think about how lucky you actually are… in all things that are important, anyway.
bloody hell i annoy myself sometimes.

like i always do.

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