Yesterday… 1st of September… Spring Day, here in South Africa (being on the bottom of the world, we are all backwards in our seasons :)) i was in the mall (trying to sort out some rather worrying internet banking issues… in short: somehow, someone signed me, using one of my credit cards, for 3 porn sites – subscriptions… so i rushed to the bank to cancel it all and try and block anything) and i went to the pharmacy (for another reason) and as i was leaving, i saw a sign in the window "Ear Piercing Done Here" ….
so i thought "i wonder if they do nose piercing?" and i went in to ask…
next thing i knew i was on a chair, in a corner being told "Brace yourself, so you don't jerk away… because that WILL hurt"…

and it was done. 3 seconds.

i am now the proud owner of a bar of steel impaled in the left side of my nose…

sounds awful, but it actually looks rather nice!
and the boy _really_ likes it – which of course made it ALL worth while!

i got through my first "cleaning" with minimal issues… (the first cleaning last time, is the reason i don't have pierced ears… there was blood, a drop really, and wham, i was out cold on the bathroom floor! i was 7! it was too much. i took them out and never got them done again and got the total heebies if i thought about pierced ears too much – can't even help my mom put hers in.. makes me feel QUITE ill) but this morning there was a little bit of caked blood around the steel… i said to myself "if i'm going to faint over something QUITE so pathetic… then let me sit down" so i sat on the floor in the bathroom, surgical spirits and some cottonbuds, and a mirror…
i _did_ feel a little queezy when i had to twist it a bit to unstick it… but, i was sitting down! and i remembered to breathe… i think that's always been the issue.. i forget to breathe… so of course i would feel faint…
so i just gave myself a little time… and voila
i was fine!
i must keep it clean  – especially in my line of work, and with the things i do during the day (horses, dogs, mud, sand, dirt, hair…) so i'm just going to have to get over this little "thing" i have, and DEAL WITH IT like a grown up…
i have to keep it in for 10 weeks…

it wasn't sore at all when it was done – just warm… but i was too busy trying not to faint to notice anyway!
But this morning i have to say it started to actually hurt a little… throb in time with my pulse… but i've taken some tablets, and i'll have some arnica… and all will be well…
i'm NOT giving up this time…

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  1. minim says:

    oh well done for getting through the first-cleaning trauma. it looks very cute – and so glad the boy likes it too!

  2. Thanks min! Yeah.. he liiiiiiiiiiikes it *big grin*

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