here i sit, still in my jammies, at 1400, on a Thursday.

haven't even brushed my teeth, or my hair or anything.

i've had tea. and also made a decision to drink a glass of water each time i have a cup of tea. (because i drink too much tea, and i'm getting dehydrated – which brings on a headache. the headache was so bad this morning, that i had to take an Advil and have a sleep. but i feel better now. more human)

still waiting on my "letter" from my friend in Germany…
as soon as i get that, i can go to the German Embassy, and try get my Shengen visa.
i keep hearing horror stories about how strict they are and how easily they deny them… so i'm pretty damn nervous.

hold thumbs for me, that i get it first time, no hassles. because i don't have time to go back and forth, trying to get it right. or the money.

luckily, my friend V has given me some pointers (she worked in the travel industry for a while and has very helpful tips) on what to take with (everything i can think of, basically, and ways to show them i'll be coming back!) and i'll start making copies and stuff as soon as i get that damn letter.
I've got the ticket (Emirates – 22nd September) i've got the travel insurance (just need to deposit the money) and i've got the hotel booked (looks kinda simple, but has nice reviews).
now just the visa.

i've not shared all this with my mother. especially not after the last "conversation" we had.
i'll tell her when i get the visa, and everything is sorted.
i'm glad i have this blog. one she doesn't read.

I want to make money with my blog – but vox unfortunately doesn't like outside code very much – but can only do it on my domain blog. which sucks, because that's the one my mother reads, so i don't update it much, because everything i talk about seems to piss her off or upset her.

so i'm a little jealous of V, who is making "wads of dollah" with her blog… with paid reviews and adverts and stuff…
it's brilliant, and i'm happy for her… but i just wish i had the time and energy to put into it.

lovely weather today (nice and gloomy and cold, matches my current mood) and i am going to finish this cup of tea and take the dogs for their walk. they're so patient with me.
pathetic hooomin.

i haven't _seen_ my beautiful man in so long.
we talk on the phone, yes, and that's wonderful (i still love his voice, and it still makes me giddy), but i'd also like to see him. i miss that smile of his. his big warm loving beautiful eyes.
hopefully, i'll get to see him and hear him and everything else, all at once, very soon.

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  1. vivdora says:

    I wondered where you were.In England we say fingers crossed. Hopefully thumbs and/or fingers won't be needed and it'll all go smoothly

  2. Abhi says:

    but your other blog sure looks damn good … the picture of the horse scattered across the four columns is spectacularly creative. woman you're good at this.when I have the money to afford someone of your creative caliber and interestingness, I am coming to request your services for my marketing communcations projects.p.s. the funny thing is I checked sserpdrow to see if a blog was available in your name to perhaps suggest you take one up there … but guess what I stumbled on

  3. Abhi says:

    p.s. i hope you don't mind that I accidently went there

  4. that's very kind… but i'm not very creative – not in that way anyway… it was my photo, but the idea was already there (for the scattered images). it came with the theme… i can't find the theme anywhere, or i would have used it on my other blogs too!what did you stumble upon?? my other blog? (blogs)

  5. Abhi says:

    just the one over at WP … "stumbled" would have to be the right word …happy for you that you're going to Germany

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