ok. the boy is nervous. seriously nervous.

so nervous, he says, that he doesn't know what to say or think or do.
and that's why he's been acting a little odd…

he's scared. but very excited.

looking forward to me coming over there.

and he also just wishes he could "do more" for me while i'm there…

told you.
girly paranoia.
i just had to wait. he always comes through. that's one of the many reasons i love him so damn much.

he's just being a guy.

at least now i know for sure.

he's as nervous as me.

and he loves me.

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  1. vivdora says:

    YES! Great news. I expect he feels a need to nurture you and be responsible and it's scary! (But nice and manly). when do you think you'll be able to go?

  2. well.. starting the visa application now… have to wait on a letter from my friend in Germany – which means i won't have to worry about supplying info on where i will be staying etc… and travel expenses aren't set etc… which is cool.hoping to go mid september…15th…

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