The Marine and the Princess – update

Posted: August 9, 2008 in emotion, information, love, military, people, relationships
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Just a little update on the Cowboy and my cute friend:
They have hit it off SO WELL that they are going on their 4th date this evening…
(since thursday)

I am SO HAPPY for them.. I really am. It's so brilliant. such a good feeling. she's grinning from ear to ear and he's messaged me to tell me how awesome she is…

of course i DON'T need details like "he is such an amazing kisser…"


I spent the day at the show with K, sitting in her car – NOT TAKING PHOTOS!
It was so nice!
of course there were the obviously awkward moments when people came up to say "hi andrea! did you get photos of…" or "why aren't you taking photos?" or "where's your camera?" etc etc…

but i needed the break, and i'll be there tomorrow, camera strung around neck, as usual.
K and I talked crap and she swooned over the Cowboy…..

The boy called, around 15h30 – he'd apparently gotten into trouble (was late for a briefing – but he hadn't actually been told what time he was meant to be there, so he went at 08h00 and he was _meant_ to be there at 07h30) and was now pulling extra duties… 24 hours on duty… he'll be off tomorrow at 05h00!!! my poor babe. *sigh*
but it was good to hear him. i thought he'd already left for his training session in the "boonies" (as he puts it) and wasn't expecting to hear from him for a while… but he says that's only happening in a week or so.. and then he'll hopefully get back on post in the middle of september… HOPEFULLY… but this is the Army…

was so good to hear his voice. he just wanted to tell me he was still alive and kicking.

K invited me to dinner tonight, with her and the Cowboy, but i declined. i'm really not in the mood for people. Especially happy people 🙂
sounds really selfish of me. but i don't think i can handle that right now. knowing… that i'm going home alone again. can't even talk to the man i love. online or on the phone.

this really is hard.

wish i had a little support.
not sure what i need though. so *shrug* i guess it doesn't matter.
i'll just deal.

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