Posted: August 9, 2008 in emotion, information, people
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so PayPal hates me.
my country is, quite obviously, a terrorist den of massive proportions.

so i discovered something called…

if anyone is feeling generous and wants to help me…

please feel free to sign up and send me money 🙂 – also, use me as referrer and i'll also earn some money that way!

my email is whiskeykitten AT gmail DOT com …

i'm running out of time. and running low on emotional strength too.

and of course. money i was low on to begin with (well documented story of my life…)

i CAN pay you back. I WILL be earning big moneys, in the second phase of Plan B .. the Dubai stage.. (if you read a few posts back you will understand)
so it's not a charitable donation or anything (although if you wish to see it that way…. that's fine with me)
i'll be "good for it"… just not right away.

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