Sticky: DO NOT GIVE IN – IT'S NOT WORTH IT! (even if Temptation is built like Adonis and wears a uniform) — check.

Step One: Find a good, fun, cute, single friend (emphasis on FUN and CUTE) — check.
Step Two: Do not play gobetween – it's bad for you — delayed. check.
Step Three: Give the Temptations details to Step One Girl. — check.
Step Four: Give Step One Girl's details to the Temptation. — check.
Step Five: Hope for the best. — check….
Step Six: Metaphorically kiss goodbye to the Temptation, and sit back and enjoy the relief of being utterly faithful! — check.
Step Seven: Love the boy even more than you thought possible. — check.

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  1. minim says:

    heh. well done, you!

  2. thanks!… it was hard. but i'm strong. and i love my soldier boy more than anything in the world.

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