Posted: July 27, 2008 in emotion, love, people, relationships
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ok i love the boy.
there is no other for me.

very simple.
and yes, i think he is the hottest thing since lavaflow. and he makes my stomach flip and my knees weak. yes – he still does. in fact, it's even worse than ever before. so much worse.

that's the thing.
i am so … um… _frustrated_ … *nudge nudge* because i want him SO bad… that i am being tempted, when i shouldn't be… i wouldn't normally be…
i made a promise to him – one i will keep, no matter what, seriously, even if it kills me – but i have to say i have been sorely tempted… it's horrible. not a nice feeling. i've done nothing (i swear on my life)… but damn it's there…. hovering…
tummy-twisting temptation…
in the form of a cowboy marine with a gorgeous body, and a slow cowboy accent… with marine manners…

but i made a promise. and i keep my promises. 
the cowboy KNOWS  – he is "respectful" of my "situation", he says… but that doesn't mean he's not making it difficult for me.

and now… when the boy is… having some of his other-side-of-the-coin days… where he doesn't really feel like talking to me… it's even worse.

and if someone says "he'll never know" .. i will hurt them. _I_ will know. and that's all that matters.

because i made a promise. and i keep them. and the boy is worth so much more than that.


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