he truly is the most amazing amazing person…
the biggest, kindest, most wonderful heart.

yes, he was mad at me – and with good reason!
but he took the time (once he'd  fumed a bit) to explain _why_…
and listened to my side of the story too…

and he forgives … and now we move on… i'm so not used to that…

i truly am so blessed
so lucky to have him as mine…

even when he's mad with me… disappointed… he still loves me and is willing to let me know that.

how did i end up with someone like him?

i won't let him down again – not if i can help it.

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  1. vivdora says:

    phew that's better eh? Why was he cross with you for telling him how you feel? Very glad it's ok though.

  2. no, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the email… it was something elseit's all ok, yeah

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