gonna sell my car and move to vegas…

Posted: June 17, 2008 in emotion, people, relationships, travel
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not to vegas… more like Hawaii, or Germany… or even Dubai, if that happens…

i wrote him an email…

couldn't keep it inside anymore.
let him know that i will give everything up for him. everything.
i would follow him anywhere.
i just hope he wants me to.

i hope i didn't scare him.
i would be devastated if i did.

i don't think i did…
he asked me to call him – he was surprised by the email he said.

he didn't REALISE how i felt? how i feel?

i have clearly not shown him enough, told him enough.
i know he's a boy, and they don't pick up on things like that… but still… he didn't know???
i guess i am just _too_ subtle… even when i thought i was going overboard.

it's a fine line and i don't want to cross it.

i love him.
my drug for life.

Listening to Sara Bareilles…
it's so annoying when they sing what i am thinking or feeling…
i feel so cliche'

i am so restless.
so damn all over the place.

in flux
S would be proud.

i know a big change is coming… i can feel it…
i hope it's good.

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  1. vivdora says:

    if you were a superhero you could just fly to him – what made me think of that?

  2. If i knew how, i'd teleport to him!*poof*Taa daa!

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