where to start?


like honey….  like.. warm chocolate…  *shiver*

makes me grin like an IDIOT!

just got off the phone with him (and i'm STILL smiling) (first time i've called HIM – he was SO happy, it was so sweet!)
we don't even realise how long we talk, until my phone card runs out…

i love him.
so much.
he says the sweetest things… means them… makes me laugh… then tells me he loves my laugh.. makes me blush.. then tells me he wishes he could see me blush… he thinks it's so sweet…

i don't know how he does it!

he's been telling everyone the "story" about how we met, and all about me… and he says he is LOVING it… he'll tell anyone who asks! his best friend asked to hear it _again_…
how cool is that?

oh! what's cooler! his grandma likes me 🙂
i'm SO SO SO glad!!!

oh man.. that voice of his… his accent… telling me things…


soon…. sooon…



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