sometimes, being a nice person really sucks…

Posted: June 4, 2008 in emotion, people, photography, relationships
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So i'm meant to call the boy at 8pm…
but i get "your mobile account has been suspended. please contact your service provider."


and why?
because people pay me late, or pay me with cheques from different banks that take 10 working days to clear! WORKING DAYS!
so my debit didn't go off to my cell provider…
so now i'm pretty much screwed.

and he's waiting for me to call 😦
and i can't even text him to tell him why i am not able to call!!!!!!!

and he can't get online!


why can't i just win a million bucks and pay all this crap off and just GET OUT OF HERE!!!!???

i just want to be where he is.


going to shower.


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  1. jdavid says:

    skype, dear, will fix this for you

  2. yes, skype is cool – but he can't get online you see? (only has very slow dialup at his moms house, where he is staying while on leave)and if i try make a call using skype, i need the MUNNIES to make a call to a landline… see?but it's ok, he found some phone cards from when he was in Iraq, and he called me a couple of times 🙂 and i shall call him during my day (his morning)… and i shall also hopefully have my stupid mobile phone unsuspended 😦

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