oh the flighty flit and float

Posted: June 3, 2008 in emotion, people, relationships
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amazing how the sound of his voice, the way he says my name, can make everything ok again in an instant…

he's called me 3 times now…

he got home a little while ago (his mom was SO excited to see him, because he didn't tell them he was coming home, so it was a big surprise) and i feel better now, knowing he's safe 🙂

sounds silly, i know.

i had a hectic day – rode twice (thankfully didn't get more than a few sprinklings of rain, on both rides) and tried to get some work done…

i'm doing better… with the whole focusing thing.
of course, after he calls, it all goes out the window…
his voice just makes my heart flip and i get this stupid smile on my face… and i spend my time staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaring into space, daydreaming about him…

i really hope he has a good leave at home…
hope his family doesn't bug him too much 🙂
especially about me…

i know his mom said she was fine with it… but that was over the phone… now that he's home and .. on her "turf"…
well i'm sure he will let me know 🙂
he wants me to email her, soon…
and call too…

but i'm SO shy!
i'll just email her.. a little short note, to say hi and .. thanks for raising such an amazing person 🙂
that sounds so cheesy.

i just love him so damn much. he can get away with ANYTHING, if he just smiles at me, or just says my name, or calls me "baby girl"

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