more orders… pack away the bikini, get out the boots…

Posted: May 31, 2008 in emotion, information, military, people, relationships, travel
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the boy called me at 3:30AM to tell me his exciting news…
his papers are through division, just waiting on one more signature (the commanders) and then he's off to Germany.
so basically.. 90% certain.
he leaves in a couple of months… 2 maybe 3.
Carmen goes with.
but he says he might sell her when he gets there – because she's a gas guzzler – and he wants to buy a bmw.
when in germany, i guess…

so he says "go back to sleep, sweety and i'll be online later"
so i did.

i then dragged my tired ass (after a hectic ride on Catch yesterday afternoon – he's not been ridden in 2 months!) out of bed at 8am, just to talk to him… and he says "so ask me a question… anything"
and when i don't have any "questions" for him… he *yawns* at me, and says "well then i'm going to bed. i'm tired and bored."

gee. thanks.
boys. *sigh*

WHATEVER! I shall engage Boy Mode then.
See how he likes it.

my mother made me SO angry.
i'm not posting anything on my other blog anymore.
i knew she read it…
but last night she says basically that i was whoring myself out "begging for money" online…
to get to Hawaii.
did i EVER beg?
i reread ALL my posts. i did no such thing!
just because i added some advertising? and some art for sale? and asked people to buy it?
Way to show the love!

so. no more updates about him on there. that's for sure.
which means basicaly NO UPDATES. because he is PART of my life and i WILL be going wherever he is!

i was SO angry. and SO hurt. if that's what she thinks of me. wow.

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