The bank annoyed me yesterday.
They "suspended" my credit card, because i missed a payment (R250…) by 3 days.
I've been with this SAME bank, SAME branch, for 26 years.
And they have the nerve to send me a rude sms and shut my account down?????

I was not amused.

I sent them a rude sms back – there was mention of poop flinging and waving of hands.

I retried my ff order this morning, and VOILA it worked.

The power of Going Apeshit.

Slowly catching up with all my orders, paperwork and printing.
Sent all my jumbos to ff to print (the above order)(over 300!) and now i must just do cds.
7 of them. But MOSTLY "new" shows… so i will have them accessible…. a couple of ancient archived shows though…
I'm gradually getting back to a good place though.

Now, of course, I have the Nelson's Creek Eventing weekend photos to sort!! But i'm not panicking about it… i will just get to it as i get to it.
My orders are far more important right now – some of the people have been waiting since March! (late march, sure, but still MARCH!!) and i hate letting people down.

What a weekend it was, too.
And Jamie's 21st on Saturday night as well…

i was bloody exhausted… and then the stomach bug struck, while i was tired and vulnerable, at 4am on monday morning.
man oh man was i in pain. throat was raw from throwing up! weak and wobbly.
missed my ride on Cuppi 😦
but will ride him Wednesday morning, i'm sure!
Got A.T tomorrow too…
I need it.
especially after the last 2 weeks of misery.

oh man i love my soldier boy.
just ADORE him.
thick and thin, baby. my heart is yours.
forever and ever.
no matter what.


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