things have changed in me

Posted: April 26, 2008 in emotion, love, people, relationships
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and it's a little bit worrying…

This weekend is a big big show – and I am house sitting, and I decided (because i'm looking after the beautiful, and now one and only, Brutus) that i didn't want to go. just like that.
It's local.
It's lots of my "regulars"

but i really just don't want to go.
it's like i'm so tired of it. tired of the same old thing, every time.
yes, i am good at it – that's not ego, that's something I have just come to realise. But I am tired of it.

even with the new camera.

i want to do something ELSE.

i still love horses.
i adore them.
they are my passion in life.

but i want to do something NEW.
i want to expand my horizons!

i cant blame TJ for this – he is always encouraging, telling me to focus – but he has opened my mind, opened my heart… and now i want more.
I want to follow my arty side.

I can't wait to go see  him in Hawaii. I want to be with him so badly. Like my missing piece.

I think that when I see him, everything will fall into place.
Everything will be ok.

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