i got on the scale the other morning, in all my riding gear (jods, boots, chaps, jacket) and i weighed less than i did, while standing naked on the scale, about a month ago…

i've lost another kg.
while this is SUPER, and i'm well pleased…
it's also a little… scary…
i've changed nothing, done nothing new – in fact i've been far more idle in the last month or so (house sitting needy dogs that meant i couldn't go anywhere, or ride or anything) and eaten far too much (boredom) than before…

perhaps i really have just kicked up my metabolism a notch?
i'll keep an eye on it.

i am now at my goal weight.
anything lost after this is just bonus points. 🙂

no word from the boy, all weekend. not a whisper.
but i don't care.
i wrote the email – just asking what his plans are, and if they include me – and now i'm leaving him alone.
the next move is all up to him.

i've done STACKS today – worked my ass off, and have some good results (already uploading the NRA eventing photos from Saturday.. so i've just got to start on Sunday's shots now, and there are less of them than Saturday!)

I'm feeling … a little numb.
but ok.

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