the inbetweens

Posted: April 10, 2008 in emotion, military, people, relationships
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he even said it
i have terrible timing … 😦

been missing each other by minutes, constantly…

and this morning, the one morning where i wouldn't have to do anything, i could just chill here and chat to him… he decides to go out with his buddies …

not that i mind him going out!! no no, i think that's _good_… i'd rather he was going out and having fun than sitting in his room moping and being bored..

it's just SUCH BAD TIMING!!


i really miss him.

finally got the wifi working for my laptop (on this home net) and can actually sit upstairs in the comfort of the bedroom…
i haxx0red it.
i was quite proud of myself!

and inbetween all this… the damn marine decides to show an interest…
sorry dude. too little, too late. more bad timing!

my heart is taken.
but DAMN he's sexy.  menacing…

i might still get goosebumps when i see him, but i will _never_ _ever_ do anything to mess things up with TJ.

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