the waiting game…

Posted: March 24, 2008 in military, people, photography, relationships
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it's my Monday night. 20h00. minus 6 is 14h00. so almost the end of his Monday.
In theory, Tuesday is the last day of the selection process….
he said 2 weeks.

But you never know with the military.

I'm hoping no news is good news. Means he's still there, still in the thick of it. i know they "weed out" the non-prospects as they go along… so…

i really really REALLY hope he gets in.
it would be amazing for him.

Got my new camera on Thursday (Thanks to G) but didn't even put it together until Saturday.
It should have been exciting – but all i can think about is TJ.

I'm not as bad as i was at first…
but i still ache.
my heart is so sore.

but as TK said – the worse the bad things, the better the good things to come.
i just have to have faith, and hold on.

i just wonder if he's thought of me at all?
i mean, not while he's focused, not while he's trying to get noticed. i want him to focus.
but.. in any idle time… or when he sleeps… do i cross his mind at all?
i know it's not summer camp, it's the frikkin Special Forces – i don't expect me to be in thought bubbles that follow him around…
i just wonder…
i'm hoping a thought of me is something that keeps him going, keeps him motivated, keeps him trying harder.

i'm actually petrified of how i feel about him.
how deep this goes.

just keep breathing, girl.
just keep breathing.

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