hectic like

Posted: February 15, 2008 in emotion, military, people, relationships
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every day i just get further and further into it with this boy
every time i speak to him, he just ups the ante
he is, quite simply, the most amazing boy i've ever known.

and i think he likes me

i am in Hectic Like.

he calls me babe now
says he loves my voice
calls me just to tell me he loves my voice

says i look like a maxim model

asks for my advice, while he tries to help a friend…

i don't think it's possible for someone to be more beautiful – inside and out.

he glows with life

and he says he's not too young for me – he says "a pity you're so far away – if you were here you'd be mine"
gives me goosebumps
makes my heart pound and my stomach do flips

totally makes my toes curl in delight
he makes me feel so ALIVE!
like i'm seeing things through his eyes!

and he just continues to amaze me, with the things he says, his opinions… his thoughts…
he is a WHOLE person, a REAL person… he hides nothing from me.

hectic HECTIC like.


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