Interesting uncomplications

Posted: February 1, 2008 in emotion, military, people, relationships
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Still waiting on the Marine's email… but not panicking about it.
Lots of time and space, and all that.

Thing is… he's losing the battle somewhat… TJ is an absolute sweetheart. megawatt smile, wicked humour, intelligent, a medic with morals, cute as a button and so easy to talk to.
he's just young and far away… which are, obviously, big things.

but if the Marine rejects me (And i'll be incredibly disappointed, but not surprised)… i at least know i'll my buddy TJ to talk to.
no complicated emotions, no strings. he's just TJ.
makes me grin and laugh and feel good about myself – big "cool points" (as he puts it) for him

waited up for me, entertained me
a big softy, really

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