I have claimed 2008 as my own!

Posted: January 31, 2008 in emotion, photography, writing
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My friend Wendy says that 8 is my lucky number (she knows these things) and this year, she has a feeling it's going to be all mine.
SO i have CLAIMED it!
2008 Is MY YEAR.

I just got a loan!!!!!! and a super repayment option on it too! It's amazing!
I'm getting a new camera, a new lens, fixing my car and paying off all my debts!!!

I'm still waiting for the email from my Marine though… BUT – I'm going to be both realistic AND positive about it…
he's a busy man (that much i know), perhaps he IS involved (which is disappointing, but if i know, then it's easier to move on) and maybe (just maybe) he does remember me and my email made him smile (i hope) and perhaps he is nervous?
He is younger than me, after all. And my email was kinda out of the blue!
So i'm giving him time (maybe he'll get a chance on the weekend?) and space and not going to bug him.

I'm going to get on with things – i've got lots to do! Lots of exciting work, and big shows coming up… i'll focus, for a change.

I'll pass the time chatting to my sweet buddy, TJ – with no strings for a change.

And life will move forward!

And now! On to the beach with my dogs!

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