Inbetween the breeze

Posted: January 28, 2008 in emotion, people
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Another little Me Victory this weekend – a scorcher day at the show on Saturday, 36C with not a breath of wind to cool us… and I survived, in fact, i was FINE!

ALso, heard from D about the email address – he's been away (thus the lack of response) and he wanted to talk to The Marine first, to ask him if he could give me his email address…
how pathetic am i?
i feel like i'm in high school. asking his friend to talk to him for me…
but i did it, didn't i?


there's also a little confusion. complication.
a young soldier called TJ.  i don't know what to do about TJ.
the more i talk to him, the more… hooked, addicted.. i become.

he smiles and my knees go weak. he laughs and i feel like i'm going to float off my chair.
he went and bought a webcam, JUST so he could talk to me (when he saw i had one)
he wakes up and the first thing he does is message me.

am i reading things wrong?
he's too young. he's too far away.
i'm being stupid again.
also makes me feel like i'm young. i mean i'm not that OLD, but i'm far older than he is.

but he's like…. candy floss… sweet and … you want more… and sticky… not sure what i mean by sticky… but.. you get stuck in him… i don't know what i mean.

and he likes my company – well he seems to.

what do i do?

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