headaches and broken things

Posted: January 12, 2008 in military, people, relationships
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so. no response from D about the email address or anything for the Marine.

oh well.

at least I tried, right? that's a big step for me, that much i know.

the loan people came back to me… they offered me 33 000 less than i asked for.
erm. no. sorry. not worth the interest and the agreement signed in blood. i'm not good with blood.

so i'm back at square one. but it's ok.

it's a new year and i'm not going to succumb this year, to that dark misty me that hangs out in those back rooms in my mind. the dusty ones with the rusty handles. the ones in the passages that the light bulbs don't work in.
that darkness can stay there, thanks. i've had enough of it.

it takes the taste from food and the warmth from sunshine and the colour from the sky. i'll never get rid of it (it's part of me) and i don't want to forget it (because it helped make me who i am, made me strong) but i'll not give in to it anymore.

life goes on, i go on.

take a deep breath, and step away

in the words of Dory – "Just Keep Swimming"

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