thinking too far ahead

Posted: September 4, 2006 in emotion, people, relationships

Sometimes i think about things before they happen. sometimes these things will _never_ happen.. but i picture scenes in my head, walk through meetings, conversations that have yet to come, if they ever happen.

my imagination is so vivid sometimes, that i see things far too clearly. think things through too much. over analyze.

i had one just now in the shower – thinking about something that will never happen.. but i could see it in my head, the conversation that would take place. the person involved.

it made me cry. my _own thoughts_ made me cry. my own made up words broke my heart. crushed my ego. shriveled my confidence.

how bizarro is that?

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  1. Wislander says:

    You've heard that "idle hands are the devils playground." The realities of it all is that an idle mind can be can be far worse. And idle mind will make up it's own games and sometime pull tricks on itself.

  2. Thank you Wislander… glad someone understands.A vivid mind is not always a happy place.

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