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RIP crocodile man

Posted: September 4, 2006 in emotion, loss, people
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RIP Steve Irwin.

My heart goes out to your wife and children.

You will be sorely missed. Your leaving has left a gigantic void. You had a larger than life personality, and an old soul.

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Sometimes i think about things before they happen. sometimes these things will _never_ happen.. but i picture scenes in my head, walk through meetings, conversations that have yet to come, if they ever happen.

my imagination is so vivid sometimes, that i see things far too clearly. think things through too much. over analyze.

i had one just now in the shower – thinking about something that will never happen.. but i could see it in my head, the conversation that would take place. the person involved.

it made me cry. my _own thoughts_ made me cry. my own made up words broke my heart. crushed my ego. shriveled my confidence.

how bizarro is that?

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